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We specialise in technical advice, coordination and management of construction processes. We support clients at all stages of a project, from the preparation of the investment, through the implementation stage, to after-sales service support. The range of services we offer includes:
Organisation of the investment process, tenders, value engineering, design work

Preparation of a project

  1. tenders

  2. value engineering
  3. design works

We offer full support in the process of preparing a construction project, including conceptual and technical analysis, verification of documentation and completion of formal and legal procedures.

We handle the complete tender procedure for the selection of the General Contractor for the project, including tender preparation, bid analysis, coordination meetings up to the final contract signing procedure

Multi-discipline technical supervision of construction works

Technical Supervision

  1. technical supervision
  2. acceptance of premises
We perform the function of multi-discipline Technical Supervision of the construction process, our team of experienced Inspectors ensures comprehensive control of the implementation of the investment. The scope of activities includes: regular inspections and acceptance of the work carried out from both a technical and health and safety point of view, analysis of documentation, participation in technical tests and acceptances, acceptance of materials and verification of the validity of additional works.

Comprehensive service of the investment process, project and construction management, replacement investment

Project management

  1. project management
  2. construction management
  3. replacement investment
We provide a comprehensive service for the implementation of the investment process carried out by a team of experienced engineers and managers. We specialise in all stages of the process, coordinating and verifying the design work, conducting the tender for the general contractor, managing the construction of the building up to the completion of the Project and carrying out the final acceptance.

Development of technical expertise, design analyses, due diligence.

Technical analyses

  1. expert analysis of the technical condition
  2. verification of projects
  3. due diligence
  4. value engineering
Our specialists will support you with analyses and technical-utility advice on various types of building structures. In order to meet the requirements of our clients, we adapt our activities to the needs presented and carry out realisations in the area of monument protection, building restoration, demolition work as well as technical audits.
Inspection within the framework of the bank supervisor, operation of housing trust accounts

Banking Supervision

  1. bank monitoring
  2. MRP operation
We provide Bank Supervisor services, including the preparation of comprehensive reports as part of the banks’ development finance process, as well as the handling of escrow accounts. The studies performed include: opening report, interim reports and final report.

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